8x8x8 LED Cube

This solution features low-cost and low-power. By controlling the 8x8x8 LED matrix with 32 GPIOs and using the DMX512 communication interface, This solution can receive commands from a computer or DMX512 host, and bring you a new experience through continuous transformation.

The launch reference design using the M058S series chips can drive LEDs directly through pins and receive commands from a computer or DMX512 host through the DMX512 communication interface.

In single machine mode, the design uses Arm® Cortex®-M0 arithmetic capability to significantly reduce user’s development time through mathematical formula and real-time operation display scripts.

In connecting mode, the design uses the DMX512 network protocol to control the 8 LEDs CUBE through a computer simultaneously. In addition, the M058S chip also includes I²C, SPI, PWM, and ADC function.


  • Features
    • Nuvoton NuMicro series not only supports wide operating voltage 2.2 ~ 5.5V but also saves one 74HC138 IC and eight 74245 ICs to reduce BOM cost and circuit complexity. Supports DMX512 for LED display update.

    • 32 GPIOs to control three-dimensional 8x8x8 LED CUBE display; the nightlight mode with four-range brightness facilitates to create interior atmosphere.

    • NuMicro distinctive encryption and program protection to protect the program from being stolen.
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