Voice Recognition

The ISD91xxx series are system-on-chip products optimized for low power, audio record and playback with an embedded ARM® Cortex™-M0 32-bit microcontroller core.

For audio functionality the ISD9xxx series includes a Sigma-Delta ADC with 80dB SNR performance coupled with a Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) capable of a maximum gain of 56dB to enable direct connection of a microphone. Audio output is provided by a Differential Class D amplifier (DPWM) that can deliver 1W of power to an 8Ω speaker.

The ISD9160VI, provides  voice recognition for a small set of simple commands such as “lights on” “lights off”  “eject” , “Play”, once the command( key word)  is recognized, the device can provide sound effects of pre stored audio in the on chip flash memory.

Key Features

  • Speaker Independent Recognition (SIR)
  • Excellent accuracy for small set of simple commands
  • Nine languages currently supported with multiple dialects 

ISD9160 also provides Speaker Dependent voice recognition, (SD) where the
 command is trained by the user. In this case the command is directly recorded
 into the ISD9160 through the built in microphone input. The ISD9160 will only respond to the person who recorded the command. This feature will enable some security feature in most application in which the system can be personalized by the user. ISD9160vR




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