Sound Bar

A Sound Bar is an audio system implementing speaker design aimed for creating a wide sound field from a single speaker box to enrich user experience. Sound Bars are typically designed to complement slim TV sets, where mechanical limitations result in limited audio playback quality. A sound bar could be placed on a shelf or table just below the TV, or it could be wall-mounted. While common sound bars may provide pretty good audio quality with good mid-range and high-frequency response, they are usually lacking in their ability to produce rich low-frequency content (bass) sounds. In some cases, a subwoofer is needed in addition to the sound bar to effectively produce the bass sounds originating from DVD and Blu-ray Disc soundtracks.

Nuvoton is offering a range of Audio Enhancement products and solutions overcoming the common limitation of sound bars and enabling the production of the deep and rich bass sound. Nuvoton’s Audio Enhancement products enable producing superior, bass-rich audio playback quality and great user experience using the same set of speakers and without need for a separate subwoofer.

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