Smart HMI

NAU88C22YG is a low power, high quality CODEC for portable and general purpose audio applications. In addition to precision 24-bit stereo ADCs and DACs, this device integrates a broad range of additional functions to simplify implementation of complete audio system solutions.

Play multiple languages and support programmable human-computer interaction.

  • Feature
    Rapid GUI development
    Buntalk is a plan text protocol transmitted by UART I/F, the protocol is like script language for easy to use.
    MCU+Codec become a whole that is easy to produce and maintain solution.
  • Specifications
    - SNR(A-weighted):89dB @ 0dB
    - THD+N SNR:-78dB @ 0dB
    Integrated BTL speaker driver: 1W @ 8Ω
    Integrated head-pone driver: 40mW @ 16Ω
    - Standard Audio Interface: I2S & PCM
    5-band equalizer
  • System Block Diagram

13_Nuvoton-Smart HMI

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