New HMI Platform NuMaker-HMI-MA35D1

Nuvoton Integrated Demonstration shows the high capability of NuMaker-HMI-MA35D1. The main processor NuMicro MA35D1 is a heterogeneous multi-core microprocessor. The Arm Cortex-A35 core runs up to 1 GHz supports 1080p full HD video playback and GUI rendering. This Demo includes H.264 video playback, ML People counting, 2D Accelerator, Data Security, KWS with RTP M4 and VoIP.

  • Features
    Supports 1080p Full HD, stereo sound
    Image inputs from UVC/ CMOS sensor
    Qt graphic software
    High security level with OP-EE and  TF-A
    RTP M4 for real-time audio processing
    Support Session Initiation Protocol for VoIP
  • Specifications
    MA35D1 (Dual Cortex A35 and one M4)
    - MCP package build-in 128/ 256 MB DDR3L
    - Supports SPI NOR/ NAND/ eMMC
    Camera Capture (CMOS) connectors
    Two Giga Ethernet
    - One Audio Codec (NAU88C22)
  • System Block Diagram
New HMI Platform NuMaker-HMI-MA35D1-

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