HMI Platforms and Graphical Libraries Introduction

In recent years, electronic products continue to become more smart, resulting in a large number of human-machine interface requirements. By adding a TFT LCD display with well-designed graphical user interface (GUI), the value of electronic products is enhanced.

However, the software design of GUI is not easy. In order to reduce the difficulty of engineering development, Nuvoton not only provides rich MCU/MPU hardware platforms, but also supports a variety of graphical library choices, including emWin, LVGL, and Qt. Through these graphical libraries and corresponding software development tools, users can easily finish GUI design on computer and turn it to code directly. The development time is dramatically reduced due to very less coding effort.

Three HMI development boards are displayed in this exhibition area, which are suitable for TFT LCD displays with different resolutions. For detailed information and resources, please refer to the table below.


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