GPS Tracker for Pet

NuMicro® M235x Series is based on Cortex-M23 core with TrustZone® architecture. So it’s easy for users to develop IoT devices that can meet IoT Security requirements.

The GPS tracker technology protected by TrustZone is based on the globally available radio standards LTE-M and NB-IoT and thus efficiently generates data. The GPS tracker is simply attached to the dog's collar with Velcro. Once attached and in motion, the tracker continuously sends position and health data.

  • Features
    TrustZone for data protection follow GDPR
    Provide wide options of power management modes to enhance low energy with LTE-M and NB-IoT
    Small dimensions of 1.6 x 3 x 7 cm and a weight of only 31 grams
  • Specifications
    M2354 (32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M23)
    - Cortex®-M23 TrustZone MCU
    - Secure Boot (Root-of-Trust)
    TRNG + PRNG (FIPS 140-3 ready)
    Crypto Accelerators
    - UART/ I2C/ SPI/ CAN/ USB
    - Arm PSA CertifiedTM (Level 3 ready)
  • System Block Diagram
GPS Tracker for Pet

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