DSC/DVC device requires a low power, high quality CODEC device to be connected to microphone, speaker, headphone, and A/V out jack.

The NAU8822L integrated all these drivers and preamps for speaker, headphone, stereo line in/outs, and stereo microphone along with high precision 24-bit ADC and DAC in a cost effective 32-lead QFN package.

It also supports on-chip advanced signal processing features including 5-band equalizer, Automatic Level Control, Multiple Programmable Filters, Dynamic Range Compressor/Limiter to reduce unwanted noise signal and to maximize audio quality. 

Key analog specifications are listed below.  And, the major difference between NAU8822L an NAU8820 is that NAU8820 does not have a speaker driver.

 - DAC:94dB SNR and -84dB THD (“A” weighted)

 - ADC:90dB SNR and -80dB THD (“A” weighted)

 - Integrated BTL speaker driver:1W into 8Ω (NAU8822L Only)

 - Integrated head-phone driver:40mW into 16Ω

 - Integrated DSP:5-band equalizer, ALC, DRC/Limiter, Multiple Programmable Filters

Block Diagram



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