Motorcycle Meter powered by N9H30

This demo is a motorcycle meter with a 7” WVGA 800x480 TFT-LCD powered by NuMicro® N9H30 microprocessor with ARM926EJ-S core run up to 300 MHz. The NuMaker-HMI-N9H30 development board is a module design for HMI product development and provides customers a fast way to go to the market . NuMicro® N9H30 integrates a TFT-LCD display controller, 2D graphics accelerator, JPEG codec. The LCD display supports resolution up to 1024x768 pixels in parallel port and the color depth is up to 16.7 million colors (24-bit), which deliver a stunning display effects for HMI applications. Besides EVB kit, Nuvoton also provides very rich sample codes for customers to create a variety of HMI products.

  • Features
    Communicates with variety types of devices (Ethernet, UART, SD, USB host/client)
    Supports embedded GUI (LVGL, Qt, emWin)
    Fast booting (booting time less than 1 sec)
    The 2D GFx help the smooth TFT-LCD display
  • Specifications
    N9H30 (32-bit ARM926EJ-S)
    - MCP 64 MB DDR
    - 7” TFT-LCD 800x480
    Integrates 2D GFx, JPEG decoder
    Supports Camera Interface
    - Supports SPI NOR/ NAND/ eMMC Flash
  • System Block Diagram
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