Automotive HMI

Human-machine interface uses two information flows in two directions:

- Machine –> Human

- Human –> Machine

HMI in Automotive:

Drivers play an important part in the human-machine dialogue. They must use

the information they have to perform actions without endangering safety. It is

therefore crucial that the interfaces and dialogue functions are designed to ensure

that operations can be performed reliably in all circumstances. To eliminate  distractions such as annoying beeps and tones, voice alerts and voice prompts can play a big role in such circumstances.

Nuvoton has designed highly integrated single chip solutions to be  integral part of future vehicles’. The ISD15D00/ISD15C00 low cost but yet best in class audio quality Record and Playback devices that enable audio grade sound or voice prompts to be part of everyday low end models.  The effortless communication via SPI port to Can-Bus make system integration very simple. The ISD15D00 uses external SPI flash for audio storage with built in regulators PWM speaker driver, analog digital input output,  are ideal for multiple languages storage and playback of up 64 minutes of audio. The ISD15D00 voice macros are designed such that when the language changes in the external flash, the application software does not change.

Nuvoton’s Digital  ChipCorder products ISD15D00/ISD15C00  are:  

  • AEC-Q100 grade for automotive standards
  • Built in thermo alarm for overheat protection
  • Best in class audio quality
  • Long product life cycle meets 5-10 years manufacture cycle for automotiv with
     excellent track record.



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