TV Audio

An audio sub-system is an integral part of almost any TV that has ever shipped. The audio sub-system of a TV consists of audio decoding, extracting the audio stream from incoming signals, a power stage/amplifier and speakers, driven by the power stage. Although there have been major improvements in audio technology over the past several years, speakers are still elements the quality of which is tightly coupled with mechanical dimensions, shape and similar characteristics of the enclosure that holds them. With close to 100% of the TV sets shipping nowadays being extremely thin (LED/LCD) TVs, some of which are made with extremely slim design, space inside the TV is an unavailable resource and an ever-increasing challenge for audio sub-system design considering speaker limitations. A TV audio designer sometimes needs to make a very tough choice between poor audio playback quality and very high speaker costs.

Nuvoton is offering a range of products and solutions overcoming the inherent audio limitations of TV systems. Nuvoton’s Audio Enhancement products enable achieving superior audio playback quality and great user experience while using regular speakers, designed within common TV system limitations. All this, while reducing TV system development and qualification efforts.

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