Smart Office UC Speakerphone Solution

This is a portable business hands-free speak-phone solution because the technological advancement of the network allows the IP phone system, remote collaboration, SMS, voice mail, and video conferencing to be unified on all platforms and terminals. PCs, IP phones, conference systems, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, various operating systems, and hardware are most commonly used by general office workers, such as Microsoft TEAMS, MEET, and Zoom.

  • Features
    AEC requirement for Portable Speakerphone
    Microphone Input Noise reduction targeted to enable all usage environment with AI/DNN Feature
    - Smart Amp for ~3W portable speaker, with output linearization to improve AEC performance
    - KLIPPEL Control Sound (KCS) Algorithm inside
  • Specifications
    ISD94124HDI (Arm® Cortex®-M4, 200 MHz)
    - SRAM: 192 KB, Flash: 512 KB
    - Operating Voltage: 1.6 to 3.6V
    VAD to support low power mode
    Deep power down < 2 µA
    13 channels of 12-bit SARADC
    USB FS 1.1 compatible USB FS 2.0
    - TIMER x 4
    - I/O x 58
  • System Block Diagram
    Smart Office UC Speakerphone Solution