NSP2340T Voice Assistance with Touch Solution

NSP2340T is a voice playback chip with built-in Flash and touch buttons, equipped with high-quality audio algorithms to enable voice assistance features. It provides I2C and UART communication interfaces for communication with external microcontrollers. NSP2340T can play voice through touch buttons without the need for MCU commands and support sleep/wake functions. Additionally, it comes with user-friendly software and hardware development tools, along with touch adjustment software, enabling the rapid implementation of features and demonstration requirements.

15_Nuvoton-NSP2340T Voice Assistance with Touch Solution-1

  • Feature
    Supports for sleep/wake functions
    Accelerates Voice Response Speed
    Touch replaces traditional buttons, extending the product's lifespan
    Industrial-grade operating temperature range: From -40˚C to 85˚C
    Supports multiple communication interfaces: GPIO / I2C / UART
  • Specifications
    - Operating Voltage: From 2.1V to 5.5V 
    - Package: TSSOP28, LQFP48
    Duration: From 40 seconds to 420 seconds 
    - Touch Buttons: 6, 16
    - Output Power: 0.5W @ 8Ω, 5.5V
    Flash Write Cycles: 100,000 times
  • System Block Diagram

15_Nuvoton-NSP2340T Voice Assistance with Touch Solution-2

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