NSP series voice assistance solution

NSP (Nuvoton Sound Processor) series is a high-quality voice assistance and prompt IC with embedded Flash. NSP equips with I2C & UART interfaces to communicate with host MCU. NSP also provides ISP (In System Programming) function to update content. In addition, NSP supports user friendly Software & Hardware development tools to make functional demo quickly.

  • Feature
    ISP (In System Programming) update voice content
    2-ch Voice Playback simultaneously
    Industry Grade Operating Temperature : -40˚C ~ 85 ˚C
    Multi-Interface with MCU : GPIO / I2C / UART
  • Specifications
    - Operating Voltage from 2.0V to 5.5V
    - Static Current: < 2 µA
    Package: SOP8, SOP14, SOP16
    Duration: From 40 seconds to 2,000 seconds
    - Output Power: 0.5W, 1W @ 8Ω, 5.5V 
    - Flash Write Cycles: 100,000 times
  • System Block Diagram


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